How to actually stick to a routine

Do you ever have the feeling that a week isn’t seven days long but a month?
Well, I can hardly remember what I did on Monday and now it’s Sunday and another week has passed.
Especially during Corona, everything is blending together and it is easy to lose track. That’s why one of the most important things is to have a routine.
But how do you stick to a routine without feeling guilty when you don’t meet your own goals?
I love creating morning routines but as soon as I don’t actually wake up at 8 am or I don’t get my work done until 11 am, I get unmotivated and throw it all away in an instant.
“Now it doesn’t matter anyway, so why still stick to it?”
So, I came up with the perfect solution: Don’t get depressed when something doesn’t work out as you wanted it to. If you accidentally wake up at 10 am, just shift your routine to that time. Isn’t it better to be well-rested and content when doing your daily tasks? And who the hell determined that a morning routine must start at 8 am?!
Make your own rules and own your decisions. You will get a lot more done when you don’t fall into hole midday.
I am a huge fan of bullet journaling and I use several notebooks for different tasks (yes, I have a hoarder problem too, I am working on it). Below you can see how a typical day looks for me ->
As you can see, I am not particularly hung up on having one specific layout. It mostly comes organically to me (like on the left side), but if you want some inspiration I highly recommend watching this YouTube video by Pick Up Limes (right side) ->
I would love to hear about your techniques for getting things done every day! What works for you?
Other than that, have a great start for another week of opportunities!