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Minimalism for Hoarders

I’m gonna start this post with a weird request… Get up right NOW and look into your kitchen cabinets and count the number of mugs you have.
Okay, now that you’ve done that you might think “Why is she asking me to count my mugs?”.
Someone recently told me that you can’t call yourself a minimalist if you have more than 3 mugs.
Personally, I own 14 mugs/cups just for myself. Do I need all of these? No, probably not.
Did I already get rid of numerous things in the past but I still seem to have more than 10 of everything?
This doesn’t only apply to mugs, but also plates, containers, and glasses.
Most of the time we don’t even see how many things we have until we move out of an apartment or a house and we’re shocked at how much stuff we collected over the years.
And if someone would call you a hoarder because you have too many mugs, you might get offended. Nobody ever said that to you and it still looks tidy!
But that’s where you’re wrong. I also needed to learn the hard way that I just. have. too. much. stuff.
And I only lived here for 3 years.
It’s time to FINALLY do something!
Set a challenge for yourself to get rid of only ONE thing every day and see how it changes the way you look at things.
My main problem is that I always think that I might still need it in the future but seriously: How high are the chances that I will use that half-empty pen ever again? Or will I ever use all 10 of my notebooks?
Will you really read that one book that has been on your shelf for the past 5 years?
REALLY think about and reflect on what you own and what you really need. Today, tomorrow, or in a few days. But start somehow and get rid of all that physical and emotional baggage.
You will feel better immediately and maybe you can even make some money from it!
Guaranteed satisfaction either way!
Hit me up if you want to know more about how I cope with this issue!
Stay healthy and enjoy the upcoming weekend,